What We Do

As a Midstream Agency We MEND


We are a Midstream Agency, which works to bridge the gap between senders (upstream) and receivers (downstream). We will work with you, if you are a mission sender or receiver, to enhance your mobilization efforts.


The GoMission Institute is an integral mission training program. Through our GoMission Institute, we provide education and hands-on practicum to workers in transit (WITs).


Through our extensive international network, we will bring you together with the people you need in order to mitigate the obstacles you face with mobilization.


Our service is to provide you with solutions between the sending and receiving points and to open bottlenecks, which exist in the mobilization process.

As a Sending Agency We SEND


We serve as a sending agency for internationals seeking to serve in cross-cultural church planting to least-reached peoples, and link them with international teams.


Future cross-cultural workers are equipped through our GoMission Institute, which includes language and culture acquisition, tent-making, total church planting methodologies, worldviews, survival living and more.


Eagles of Peace has become an important leader in the Balkan Mission Movement. We have taken special care to foster a global mission vision to the churches of the Balkans through our conferences and other services.


Effective Mobilization requires good leadership. Part of our role is to provide leadership consultation to International Sending Movements. So, while we act to facilitate mission mobilization, we also act to provide means for effective implementation for fruitful cross-cultural service.