GoMission Institute (logo)

The GoMission Institute is a three phase integral missionary training program designed to enable workers to hit the ground running in their field of service with confidence. With the direct assistance of leaders from Christar, New Tribes Mission, Worldview Resource Group and the Summer Institute for Linguistics, and others we have designed a unique and dynamic approach to preparing workers for the harvest.

Phase I Covers (at the Upstream Point)

  • Spiritual and Character Formation
  • Team Dynamics
  • Spiritual Warfare
  • Marriage and Family
  • Conflict Resolution

Phase II Covers (at the Midstream Point)

  • ​Evangelism in Dangerous Contexts
  • Church Planting from a Worldview Perspective
  • Language and Culture Acquisition
  • Field Assignment

Phase III Covers (at the Downstream Point)

  • Crisis Contingency Planning
  • Beginning Process of Seven Phase Church Planting Model
  • Language Learning

The Three Phase approach incorporates the holistic approach of knowing, being and doing by integrating classroom teaching with mentor-led, hands-on practice.