GoMission Institute (logo)

The GoMission Institute is a three-phase integral (knowing, doing, being) missionary training program designed to enable International Sending Movements to accomplish in depth preparation for their workers to serve in all cross-cultural environments, especially unreached and high-risk contexts. Our comprehensive model works to:

  • Ensure practical learning for new workers, starting upstream (sending point), then moving to the midstream (staging point) and then to the downstream (receiving point)
  • Share the training experience between the new ISM (upstream), the experienced missionary practitioners (midstream), and the active field which receives new workers (downstream)

Phase I Covers (at the Upstream Point)

  • Spiritual and Character Formation
  • Team Dynamics
  • Spiritual Warfare
  • Marriage and Family
  • Conflict Resolution

Phase II Covers (at the Midstream Point)

  • Ministry in Dangerous Contexts
  • Church Planting from a Worldview Perspective
  • Language and Culture Acquisition
  • Crisis Contingency Planning
  • Urban and Rural Practicum

Phase III Covers (at the Downstream Point)

  • Language and Culture Learning
  • Team Formation
  • Downstream Partnerships
  • Beginning Process of Seven Phase Church Planting Model

The Three Phase approach incorporates the holistic approach of knowing, being and doing by integrating classroom teaching with mentor-led, hands-on practice.