Join us at Eagles of Peace to reach the least-reached

​Below are some ways you can get involved:

GoMission Institute (logo)

Go Mission
The GoMission Institute is an integral missionary training program designed for enabling workers to hit the ground running with confidence. With the direct assistance of leaders from Christar, New Tribes Mission, Worldview Resource Group and the Summer Institute for Linguistics, we have designed a unique and dynamic approach to preparing workers for the harvest. Click to learn more

Emprise (green II)

If short-term mission is your passion, you can help us plan and organize teams and trips into East and West Asia. If you qualify, you can also volunteer to lead a multi-national short term trip. Click to learn more

Wingpeace Productions

Wingpeace Productions
If you like media technology and are skilled in video production, you may want to consider joining our team to produce quality mission related presentations. See our latest production made for Christar. Click to learn more