Midstream Focus

Midstream Focus

Midstream points serve as staging hubs for workers in transit to their fields of service. These midstream staging centers serve to streamline the movement of missionaries to their fields of service by untangling the logistical complications, and opening bottlenecks that often hinder or prevent movement of missionaries from the upstream sending points to the downstream receiving points.

Rationale for Midstream Centers:

  • Missions is no longer unidirectional
  • Effective existing secular model
  • Growing need and desire for internationalization
  • Effective and proven strategy for international sending movements (ISM)
  • ISM’s need for facilitation
  • Shared leadership responsibilities
  • Reduces duplication of effort
  • Provides effective solutions for mobilizing local churches and the training and sending of workers (see below)
  • Simplifies movement and placement of workers
  • Enhances global networks
  • Streamlines the process
  • Reduces obstacles and bottlenecks for workers in transit

Midstream Centers Provide Solutions for:

  • Networking with multiple agencies
  • Coordinating movement along the stream
  • Logistics and resupply centers
  • Strategic planning and consultation
  • Phase II Training
  • Liaise between upstream and downstream
  • Retreating in emergencies
  • Internships and practicums
  • Information Sharing
  • Crisis simulation and planning
  • Practical help in travel and visas