First National Albanian World Mission Conference

First National Albanian World Mission Conference
First National Albanian World Mission Conference 2
First National Albanian World Mission Conference 2

​The Eagles of Peace World Mission Conference and Summit were held May 15-17, 2008 at the Tropikal Resort in Durres, Albania. Nearly 150 Albanian church leaders, along with numerous mission representatives from the west, and five Macedonian nationals attended.

The venue was significant because according to Romans 15:19-20 we find that Paul preached in the region of Illyria. Albanian tradition says that Paul, traveling along the Via Ignatius came through Albania. After 2000 years, we went back to, possibly, the first place the Gospel was preached in Albania to symbolize both the power of the Gospel, and the re-emergence of His Church in Albania to fulfill their role in the Great Commission.


Keynote speaker were Dr. Chris Gnanakan, Dr. Nabeeh Abassi, and David Ruiz. Four workshops were conducted over the three-day conference. These workshops were geared toward practically helping Albanian churches develop a mission focus in their church.


Fifteen tables were set up for mission exhibits, including CCC, OM, EoP, the Albanian Encouragement Project, Operation Macedonia, the Cross-Cultural Training Institute of Korca, the Albanian Evangelical Alliance, the Center for Christian Leadership, the Albania Bible Institute, the Southeastern Evangelical Theological Seminary, and more.

  1. Case studies for how mission is done in Latin America and the Hindu world
  2. Panel Discussion with the keynote speakers
  3. Initiatives were proposed by the Albanian leaders for next steps for doing mission
  4. Mission Fest concert on the last night of the conference